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MUXUtilities Pack Contains:

EXXOGraph - A graphical post-processing application for files of logged CAN and LIN data

ASCProcess - A post-processing application for plot files

1. EXXOGraph software plots out the signals saved in the asc-format plot files generated using the MUXTRACE Expert application, or by one of the data loggers in the Exxotest® range.

It supports the dbc (CAN) and ldf (LIN) database formats and can be used to apply filters and formulas to the signals. It also has the functionality needed to export files in other formats.

2. The ASCProcess utility is valuable when working on files of logged data saved in asc format.

It incorporates the functions needed to merge, segment, split and filter data logged using Exxotest applications such as MUXTRACE Expert, DLC, or other tools.

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